May 09, 2020

Could the Bundesliga be restarting soon?

Covid has changed everything. At least for the past few months.

As countries try to get the panemic under controll and return to some normal type of life, sports seem to be a priority

Aside from the economic impact, and lost revenues from TV, sports provide a welcome reprive from the concerns and stresses of real life. Some leagues even see the opportunity to reach new fans who quite frankly have nothing else to do, and some additional content on TV would be welcome

Baseball leagues in Korea and Taiwan have started playing to empty stadiums, but the first major European sports league to start appears to be the German Bundesliga

France, Scotland and the Netherlands have already cancelled their football seasons, but Germany, Spain, Portugal, England and Italy all want to try to finish up.

But all does not appear certain. Second division Dynamo Dresden appears to have an outbreak in their ranks, and a couple of players and staff from first team FC Cologne have tested positive in the past week. Even though there are challenges, it appears that the German government and league appear to be pushing for a restart on May 16th.

Starved fans will be looking for content

Fans who have not been able to watch any football will be egar to watch, bet on and just enjoy some sports after what seems like a lifetime of quarantine and lockdown. Make sure you are ready for the surge in web searches with new, unique automatically generated football content.

Writing match previews is tedious and slow, oh, and theres gonna be a lot of matches coming up. The Bundesliga wants to get the matches complete quickly. So there's no way a website operator can stay on top of all the matches as Europe tries to complete their football seasons.

And this is where SportScribe comes in. Our API creates unique, relevant sports related content for web and mobile properties. Of course things are a bit werid right now, so there arent as many matches as we would like. But when things get back to normal, hopefuly in the fall, we generate thousands of new articles each week to allow your properties to appear new and relevant.

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