June 3, 2020

Get Started with SportScribe's API in 3 Easy Steps

Football, how we've missed you. The Bundesliga is back, the Austrian league has started, Serie A, EPL and La Liga are all starting soon!

Now is a perfect time to start integrating football content into your web or mobile properties, to enhance your users' experience and drive more traffic

Getting started is easy! Play around with the API and see the type of content you can use

Starter code is available here and the browsable API specs are here. If you need any help geting started our support team is always ready to help

If you haven't signed up yet, signup now and your API key will be sent to you instantly.

get started in 3 easy steps

Its as easy as...

  1. Download Postman and Add a New -> Request
  2. Point the request to our API's server at

    and change the date to a day in the future
  3. Add your API key which you got in an email to the header KEY = 'x-api-key' and VALUE should be your API key, and hit Send

This will return you all the match previews for the specified date.

For more advanced usage see the documentation.