June 14, 2020

WordPress plugin for SportScribe's API now available

The most requested feature for SportScribe's API has been a wordpress plugin, so we're thrilled to have one available for our users.

What the Wordpress Plugin Does

Since this is the first version of this plugin, its very basic. We wanted to provide enough functionality for wordpress owners to augment their sites with our AI Generated Sports Content, but not too much that it will break existing sites

So this is what the plugin does

  • Accesses the SportScribe API and downloads all data for the next 3 days
  • Creates a custom post type called 'match-previews', accessible from the /match-previews directory
  • Populates the match previews post type with the basic text of the match preview, but also with a lot of meta data
  • The meta data will allow you as the site owner to query the post based on id, league, etc... and inject the data within your existing site structure

What it won't do... yet

Again, there is so much flexibility with wordpress, we didn't want to make functionality that wont be used. We're happy to add features later on if it's requested

Basically the plugin will not display any data. That is up to you to inject it in the correct location according to your site's structure.

Get started by matching team IDs

If you were on your Liverpool homepage, you would need to do a wp_query by visitorteam_id or hometeam_id = 120 (thats our ID for liverpool)

Basically, you need to corelate our IDs to your IDs for the teams you want to display. This way, if you dont want to display the Turkish league match previews, you don't need to.

To get started aim postman at /leagues to get a list of the leagues we support. In this case EPL is leagueID 23

Then point postman at /teams/23 to pull all EPL teams and their associated IDs.

Download and Install Now

The link and installation instructions are available at the SportScribe Documentation part of our site

Clone or download the files to your plugin directory and add that extra functionality and content to your existing wordpress site

And of course we're here to help. Contact support@sportscribe.co and we would be happy to walk you through getting started